Rendering Yurtbay 2


Rendering Yurtbay 2


24/01/2013 – Tilelook is complete and ready for testing !

We are pleased to announce that Tilelook is now finally complete and is currently being tested. In a few weeks we will publish the first Beta version. We will present Tilelook Beta at the next international trade fairs:

CEVISAMA (Valencia 5-8 Feb.),
UNICERA (Istanbul 27 Feb. – 3 Mar.),
REVESTIR (Sao Paulo 5-8 Mar.).

Soon a new post on Tilelook Beta !


20/12/2012 – Season Greetings from Tilelook

we would like to thank everyone who has been collaborating with us in these last months and those of you who have send us their products.

At the end of January we will send you a free Tilelook account for your company, including the web application for bathroom design and a brief guide explaining how to get your product web pages in the top ranking on search engines.

In the meantime, we would like to send you our Season Greetings and our best wishes for 2013 🙂