12/10/2012 – Our DropBox and WeTransfer accounts

To make one step forward and put your first products on Tilelook just send everything (images and other data of your products) to us via any free file transfer service. We have chosen DropBox and WeTransfer as they are great tools to send files, plus most important thing they are FREE 😉

Try them yourself, you can visit our page at www.tilelook.wetransfer.com, or send us files via DropBox using fabs@tilelook.com (our WebMaster) as the email address to share with. For further help you can visit our FAQ page or contact us at the email address



15/09/2012 – Tilelook……..What’s it about?

Tilelook is the one and only social network in the world of tiling and designing with tiles. The element that distinguishes Tilelook from all other websites or software in this business is the ability to share.

Sharing can seem a trivial element but we instead think it is the most important ! It certainly has been missing in this business, but thanks to Tilelook, private users, tile and bathroom furniture resellers/producers now have the opportunity to create their ideas, show and learn from the comments they receive. All this on an international scale.

With Tilelook you can use 3DSTile, a modern yet simple web application that allows you to design a bathroom in just minutes. You can play with it for free to design your own bathroom or purchase the PRO subscription which enables full functionalities including those necessary for the tiling business like: custom drafting tools, exporting patterns and sales offers to the customers based on the products and the calculation of materials used.

Once you have finished, your project will be automatically posted on your “My Tilelook” page where everyone can see your creations. Other people can then create new designs starting from your project and contact you if details or adjustments are needed.

So what are you waiting for, don’t miss out on this new big opportunity … start your new designs and show them to the world today, on Tilelook !